It started with a bumper crop. One summer, in late August, the plum tree in owner, Miranda's mother's backyard gave more fruit then they knew what to do with! They popped as many plums as they could—they're tiny, tart and bursting with juice—but they just couldn't keep up. Baskets and baskets crowded the kitchen, every inch of counter space was covered. It occured to her — why not try my hand at making jam? 

In winter, she made Meyer lemon marmalade. In early spring, rhubarb simmered in the jamming pots. And then came summer, and summer in Oregon means BERRIES. She jammed and jammed, and eventually, started selling it to a friend to serve at his restaurant under the name of Miranda's Jam. In 2009 Miranda moved to NYC to pursue a masters degree food & culture at NYU and jam moved to the back burner for a few years. 

Since moving back to Portland in 2013, Miranda's focus has been on the incredible berry-bounty that we enjoy here in Oregon—in particular the berries that are a bit unusual here and nearly impossibly to find elsewhere. 
To let the pure berry flavors speak up for themselves, Miranda makes her jams with just berries, cane sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Because no pectin is used, the jam has a super spreadable, somewhat soft-set consistency that she finds to be a lot more fun to eat (and that makes for a particularly killer, oozy-gooey PB&J). The flavor of the berry is also stronger and more concentrated. There is about half a pound of fruit in each and every jar, simmered slowly into jammy perfection.

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