Susan Gilpin of Portland is otherwise known as the Possibility Lady.

Says Susan, "Possibility Lady was born over 60 years ago when my sister and I were little girls in Portland. It was a game we played that was basically about being grown up. The calendar idea was also born many years ago when I was a young technical writer and saw a similar product from a health organization. I knew immediately that some day I would make one of my own—I just didn’t know that it would take 40 years!

I graduated from Willamette University with a BA in English literature, followed by a Master of Arts in Teaching. My first job was in a hospital public relations department as an editorial assistant, writing newsletters and copy for external publications. That's where I learned all about cutting and pasting and rub-on letters and drafting tables and how it was before computers. But time marches on and I moved into the worlds of engineering and high tech, where I either managed technical publications departments or was the senior writer.

Upon retiring, I found a freedom I’d never had before and started dabbling in many things, including starting my first side business, The Last Word, an editing service. Then one day last fall, out of nowhere and nearly fully formed, came The Possibility Lady and The Perpetual Calendar of Endless Possibilities. I’m very gratified that it has been so well received, and my mind is churning with new possibilities."

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