QUIN began in 2013 and is the vision and passion of founder and candy creator Jami Curl. From the start Jami has refused to use any fake ingredients to craft candy. Why? Because real food makes better candy. And better candy is the heart and soul of QUIN.

QUIN likes to say that Candy is Magic, and based on the response to Jami’s creations like fruity/chewy Dreams Come Chew and Smoked Cola Gumdrops, they find it a point difficult to argue. QUIN makes the best candy they possibly can with the best ingredients they can get their hands on. From gumdrops to caramels, marshmallows to lollipops, fruit chews to sour hard candies, the QUIN candy kitchen is busy churning out Curl’s creations both for our shop in Portland, Oregon and for nationwide delivery.

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