A January Day at the Oregon Coast

January 14, 2018


On a mid-January sunshine-filled day at Tolovana Beach on the Oregon Coast, just 90 minutes from Portland, seaside explorers are donned in everything from shorts and t-shirts to winter coats and hats and everything in-between, and each of these outfits make sense. The crisp salty air, jagged rocks, rabbits playing in the seagrass ... it conjures up a feeling of timelessness. Except for for all of the cell-phone wielding beachgoers -- I'm as guilty as any of them, feverishly attempting to capture snippets of the day on my iPhone --- this scene could just as easily have be set 40 or 50 years ago. 


Maybe this has something to do with why the Pacific Northwest attracts artists, wanderlust spirits and craftspeople. With our vast mountain ranges, rugged coastline, alpine lakes and towering conifers, we have a constant reminder of elements that stand the test of time; things that are bigger than us and our daily struggles.  We Pacific Northwesterns are inspired to protect and celebrate that sense of natural wonder and grandeur. 


Or maybe we just need something to do on all the rainy days. But the Pacific Northwest is steeped in craft traditions and design ingenuity, from Native American woodworking and textiles, to the Pendleton Woolen Mills, small-batch artisan crafters and food-makers. 


Whatever the reason, I know that I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on a day like today. Lying on a blanket in the sand watching my kids run the coastline at low tide, followed by a stroll along the streets of Cannon Beach perusing locally made jewelry, foods and ceramics, fills me with just enough sunny vibes to make it through a few more weeks of grey drizzle. 



​​Can't make it to the beach but craving that sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that it brings? Try the next best thing: Grown & Crated's Soothe Box, filled with Pacific Northwest chocolates, bath salts and other luxurious treats that turn an ordinary day into a relaxing PNW escape.


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— Elizabeth Johnston, founder of Grown & Crated


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