Founded in 2009 by Steven and Kim Smith, the company known as Smith Teamaker blends and packs teas and botanicals in small batches from the world’s best producing regions. Based in Portland,  the artisan teamakers at Smith have forged an impressive array of products using rare and exotic ingredients sourced from friends around the world.

The Smith name has grown to stand for uncommon quality, taste and innovation in the Super Premium tea category.  

Steve’s long history in tea — first as a co-founder of Stash Tea and then as founder of Tazo — continued after he “retired” to France in 2006.
Inspired by the small makers of exquisite chocolates, biscuits, cheeses and wines he encountered in Provence, the Smiths were moved to return to Portland in 2008 and pursue this fresh approach in the tea category.
The Teamakers at Smith blend in small batches to ensure that leaves and flowers are not crushed in packing — so they look, taste and smell like the fine full leaf teas they are. 
Smith gives consumers a unique insight into the origins of each ingredient in every cup. By entering the batch number found on the bottom
of each carton, consumers can learn the provenance of the ingredients for that particular carton, who blended the tea, and when the tea was blended and packaged, including their personal batch notes. 

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